Happili redirects – not so happy problem


Happili is a browser hijacker that spreads around and actively infects computers without the knowledge of their owners. As a result, it causes annoying redirections to happili dot com or other domains that have nothing common with the results search engine normally returns. Mac users should also pay attention to this threat because, unlikely to other hijackers, this one is capable to enter Mac systems without having any problems with that. It has been found to use Java vulnerability and that’s why I highly recommend to update Java without any delay if you are a Mac user.

According to the latest information, happili gets on the target computer with a help of rootkit. This threat comes from bundled websites or together with downloads that are infected. Be sure that if it gets on your computer, this injection will hijack your browser and will make your browsing tragic. Instead of reaching those websites you should really reach, you will always find yourself on Happily. Sounds crazy, right?

The malware makers make money from each visitor that hits the target website. Each visitor does not bring much, but there are thousands of them. At this point I do not have information if Happily webmasters are related to this scam or just victims of some shady advertising program.

So, in order to get rid of Happili, I recommend to reply only on specialized tools: TDSS Killer, Webroot anti-rootkit tool. More information about Happily removal can be found on 2-viruses.com

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